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Who's feeling the emoji love this election?

Emojis are inextricably linked with sentiment, so we've taken a look at which emojis Facebook users are applying to their conversations about New Zealand’s political parties

Sep. 11 2017

Labour on the up and up

Labour's meteoric rise on social media reflects a groundswell in support since Jacinta Ardern became the new party leader. How are the other major parties faring?

Aug. 16 2017

Sentiment predicts Little's resignation

If you know what people are saying and feeling, you can put measures in place. In the case of Labour and Andrew Little, social sentiment suggests that trouble was brewing.

Aug. 3 2017

Where brands and culture collide

A brand’s success is often determined by its ability to infiltrate the cultural dialogue of the time, and while some brands fade into the background, others become powerfully associated with a particular cultural movement.  

Apr. 21 2017

Measuring sponsorships: Zavy weighs in

Measuring the ‘success’ of a sponsorship is something that has challenged companies for many years. If we only pay attention to the headlines we don’t get the whole picture. Listening to social media gets us closer to the word on the street.

Apr. 17 2017

Riding the wave of social conversations

For brands to join in to conversations and be heard means being relevant and culturally on code. The ‘on code’ bit is what brands need to work out because it is constantly changing.

Mar. 1 2017

Zavy is a 2016 DIVA finalist

Zavy was created with a strong design mindset, so it is with great excitement that we announce that we are finalists in the 2016 Data Insight Visualisation Awards. 

Aug. 6 2016